Michigan Toppled by Kalamazoo, 7-39

posted Oct 15, 2012, 7:16 AM by Karl Seibert
22 September, 2012,
Kalamazoo, Michigan

The heavens opened wide on Saturday, nearly causing the cancellation of this match.  Michigan had their work cut out for them, knowing that the pouring rain would hinder their game plan and assist the Dogs'.  They fell quite short of that workload, though.

A lone try by wing Andy Dougovito would be the only points on the board this day.  Kalamazoo could do little wrong with ball in hand, and Michigan couldn't seem to get anything going.  Gratuitous amounts of knock-ons, bad passes, and missed connections gave Michigan no momentum, and they never looked to be quite in control.  Kalamazoo dominated the breakdown, and forced a considerable number of missed tackles.

Ann Arbor will be hoping that the men in blue can turn this shocking performance into a motivational tool for the remainder of the season.

15 Tom Stulberg
14 Andy Dougovito
13 Charlie Berklich
12 Jamie Hickey
11 Matt Kuriluk
10 Aaron Dodd
9 Karl Seibert
8 Doug Chenoweth
7 Mike Przyblek
6 Matt Daniel
5 Ty Waters
4 Matt Frech
3 Jeff Burke
2 Ted Pixley
1 Matt Forsyth

Brian Zimmer, David Johnson, Davy Hamilton, Naveen Aravapalli, Tobi Eboda, Hany Shehata, Andy Kilpatrick

Tries: Dougovito
Conv: Dodd
Pen: -
Drop: -