Michigan Outclasses Battle Creek 41-25

posted Sep 25, 2011, 5:56 AM by Karl Seibert
24 September         
Battle Creek, MI         

In a 10 try score-fest, Michigan held on to an early lead to win their third straight bonus point victory.

They looked brilliant at times, and downright pitiful at others, but Michigan used their attacking prowess to build up a handy bulk of points which gave the last gasp burst from Battle Creek no chance of changing the outcome. 

BC came out swinging, using early territory to great effect.  At just five minutes in, having camped out inside the Michigan half for the entirety of the five, the Griffons hit a penalty right out front.

Michigan answered at 12 minutes with a try from standout center Charlie Berklich.  Flyhalf Aaron Dodd made the conversion.  Ten minutes later, relentless attack from Michigan gave winger Davy Hamilton a try in the corner.  The backs looked threatening each time they ran with ball.

Battle Creek took advantage of another penalty in front of the posts to cut the lead to 12-6.  Referee Scott Albers seemed to struggle managing the game and leaned on his whistle pretty heavily.  Michigan were given a breakdown related penalty, and capitalizing on BC's lazy type forwards, scrumhalf Karl Seibert went quick, dishing to Dodd for an easy tr y just before the half hour mark.

At 33 minutes, Berklich scored probably the try of the game, starting inside the Michigan half and breaking countless tackles and evading even more to burst through under the posts.

It looked to be 24-6 at the
break, but a desperate Battle Creek wore away at the Michigan fringe defense until they dished to their inside center who scored in the corner.  24-11 at half.

At half loose forward Doug Chenoweth and inside center Gerrit Yntema came on for Matt Forsyth and Pete Mulhearn, and though Forsyth and Mulhearn both had plenty to hang their hats on, there was no drop off with the two replacements.

The Michigan backline continued its dominance, working the ball easily through the hands.  Berklich grabbed his hat trick 50 minutes in, and Dodd even converted the try.  36-11. 

The next try would be for the skipper, a darting little run of the base of a ruck that resulted in a pinball style missed-tackle-fest giving Seibert 5 points.

With ten minutes left in the game, Berklich ran over a fourth try and signaled the apparent and unfortunate end of Michigan's involvement in defense.  41-11 would have been a fine score, but Battle Creek rushed in two tries at 75 and 80 minutes, a discouraging and questioning end to the game for Michigan.

Michigan next face Kalamazoo in Ann Arbor on Saturday.

1 Doug Chapman
2 Ted Pixley
3 Brian Zimmer
4 Matt Daniel
5 Matt Frech
6 Matt Forsyth
7 Ryan Rogel
8 Colin MacFarlane
9 Karl Seibert
10 Aaron Dodd
11 Andy Schwarzkopf
12 Pete Mulhearn
13 Charlie Berklich
14 Davy Hamilton
15 Eoghan McGreevy

16 Naveen Aravapalli (Zimmer 60')
17 Doug Chenoweth (Forsyth 40')
18 Dan Cameron (Daniel 60')
19 Jeff Burke (Pixley 50')
20 Gerrit Yntema (Mulhearn 40')
21 Tom Stulberg (McGreevy 60')
22 Neil Matouka (Schwarzkopf 50')

Tries: Berklich (4), Hamilton, Dodd, Seibert
Conv: Dodd (3)
Pen: -
Drop: -