Meatpies Take Disappointing 2nd Place @ Saline Sevens

posted Jul 18, 2011, 5:29 PM by Karl Seibert
The first Saline Celtic Festival Sevens Tournament involved four teams, the Meatpies (our Men's club), the Academicals, Olde Blue, and the Saline Celts (a motley crew of high school and high school alumni players).  The Meatpies had an easy warm-up victory over Olde Blue, winning 33-5.  Karl Seibert (touching down twice), Andy Schwarzkopf, Josh Knight, and Sam Upton all scored, and all made their conversions except the lone forward, Josh.  With their heads and legs ready to go, they had another easy win over the Saline Celts, this time getting a little more work in defense.  Karl, Sam (who scored two tries and made one conversion), and Landry Carbo scored to win 22-5.  The third match of the day would be their toughest, facing the determined and well practiced Academicals side.  While some of the 'pies were questioning their fitness, others were looking for work.  The lift came after being scored on first; the Meatpies went on to control this game handily, winning 24-10 and never really seeming threatened.  Karl (who nabbed two tries), Andy, and Doug Chenoweth scored.  Karl kicked two conversions. 

The final would be a different story.  The Meatpies were given nearly two hours rest and though this may have helped their bodies, their souls were far from ready to tackle the beast that became of the Academicals.  Going into half tied, the Meatpies knew it wasn't going to be as easy as their first game against the 'Demicals.  Three missed tackles meant three quick tries for the younger side, and the 'Pies couldn't climb out of the hole.  The Academicals held onto ball well and used what gaps were given, winning the thrilling match 24-14.  Many a spectator wondered how such an impressive looking side could have been felled by such a horrendously pitiful seven, but the truth remains; the Meatpies hold a trophy that has the terrible words "Second Place" on it.

Good work to the Celtic Fest organizers, the field was in great condition, to scale, and had proper uprights. The ice cold water and watermelon was well enjoyed, and the free beers after also.  Cheers also to the other sides, especially Olde Blue, who clawed through their matches with great pride.  The tackle of the day goes to Kaafi, who made Naveen look like a rag doll stuffed with feathers. 

That being said, all the Meatpies had great days, aside from a few very important tackles, that is.  Naveen crushed some huge rucks, winning all-important turnover ball.  All the players were hunting for space, and thirsting for tries.


Karl Seibert
Matt Forsyth
Matt Daniel
Doug Chenoweth
Craig Harry Harrison
Josh Knight
Andy Schwarzkopf
Sam Upton
Landry Carbo
Naveen Aravapalli


Tries: Karl S.(5), Sam U.(4), Andy S. (2), Josh K.(2)
Conv: Karl S. (6), Sam U. (3), Andy S. (1)
Pen: -
Drop: -


Seibert 37
Upton 26
Schwarzkopf 12
Knight 10
Carbo 5 (first try for the Men's Club!)
Chenoweth 5