Flint Edges Past Michigan, 33-31

posted Oct 17, 2011, 6:00 AM by Karl Seibert
8 October 2011

Flint, Michigan

Despite a handy lead heading into the final fifteen minutes, Michigan was helpless to stop the onslaught of Flint runners, succumbing to the locals 33-31.

The game started all Michigan; Flint chose to have Michigan kickoff only to have the men in blue nab their own kick, beginning a territory and possession laden first half.  Michigan was in good control for most of the first 40, but several breaks and half breaks by Flint kept Michigan working relentlessly on defense.  The first score wouldn't be until the 20 minute mark, when center Charlie Berklich broke through the Flint defense.

He would follow that try up with a second just over the half hour mark; the Michigan pack, heavily outweighed by their Flint counterpart, stole a scrum at Flint's 5 meter line against the head, Berklich burst through the line after some excellent passing.  Without flyhalf Aaron Dodd's conversion the score was 12-0, a promising start.  They'd go to the shed with that lead.

The second half continued the momentum of the first, prop Doug Chapman scored a brilliant solitary effort in the 49th minute.  Taking an 'old-school' tap and pass penalty, Chapman charged through Flint's paltry line of defense to score just left of the posts.  19-0.

Flint was finally rewarded for their many breaks in the 51st minute with a converted try.  At 59 minutes, though, replacement flanker Josh Knight scored a well orchestrated try off Dodd's hip, 26-7.

In the final fifteen, Michigan began to slip.  Missed tackles left and right, Flint scored in the 64th minute and the 67th minute, 26-19.

No matter what rallying the Ann Arbor boys did, Flint seemed to have a very simple answer: run hard.  Another try in the 72nd minute brought the score even, 26 all.  Michigan fans were really feeling the pain, a game that looked sealed up suddenly broken wide open.

The 74th minute saw Flint take their first lead of the game, and with an all important conversion, led now 33-26.

Pete Mulhearn was too experienced; he caught a pass on the run and beat several would-be tacklers to score in the corner, reminiscent of his try last week in Kalamazoo.

The angle would be too much for Dodd, though, and at full time, Michigan, mouths agape, saw a losing scoreline, 31-33.

They next play at home, a 12:00pm kickoff against Fort Wayne.


1. Douglas Chapman
2. Ted Pixley
3. Brian Zimmer
4. Matt Forsyth
5. Matt Daniel
6. Doug Chenoweth
7. Marshall Poland
8. Colin MacFarlane
9. Karl Seibert
10. Aaron Dodd
11. Pete Mulhearn
12. Kyle Harris
13. Charlie Berklich
14. Davy Hamilton
15. Jamie Hickey

16. Naveen Aravapalli
17. Dan Cameron
18. Jeff Lampley
19. Josh Knight
20. Avi Giladi
21. Neil Matouka
22. Eoghan McGreevy

Tries: Berklich (2), Chapman, Knight, Mulhearn
Conv: Dodd (3)
Pen: -
Drop -