Flint 57 Michigan 31

posted Apr 16, 2011, 5:03 PM by Karl Seibert   [ updated Apr 17, 2011, 4:53 PM ]
16 April 2011, Flint, MI

In a game Flint would run away with, Michigan did well to put 31 points on the board.  Michigan, feeling good after a convincing win in Kalamazoo last weekend, over worked themselves and in the end lost "big time" to Flint.  The Flint Rogues RFC, a playoff contender in 2010, has come quite a ways from the dark days of a few years ago in which they saw very few wins in the DIII competition.

The first try came only four minutes in as Flint rampaged down the field to score in the middle.  They kept most of the territory in those first 10 minutes and picked up a second try in the 7th minute, a quick 14 nil lead.  Michigan, playing with a heavy wind at their backs, used territory to their advantage and kept ball in hand to see Player's Player nominee David Meisner over the goal line 17 minutes in.  Flyhalf Aaron Dodd would miss the conversion, 5-14.  Keeping possession in a big momentum shift, winger Pete Mulhearn would be next to score from a set-up breakaway by fullback-cum-center Sam Upton.  Flint had all the right answers, with a try just 4 minutes later, bringing the score to 10-19.  Just before the break, Mulhearn would score again from another break down the sideline.  A conversion (finally) from Dodd would take the boys in blue into halftime down just 2 points, 17-19.

Motivated by an pretty good end of the first half, Michigan looked confident going into the second, making no substitutions.  That composure would turn to what looked like panic as Flint scored in the 44th and 50th minutes giving themselves a
comfortable  17-33 lead.  Upton, making all sorts happen off the ball in the first half, finally crossed the goal line himself in the 54th minute and a conversion by Dodd brought the score to 24-33.  A disorganized Flint allowed a try from a quick-tap-penalty by scrumhalf Karl Seibert in the 59th minute, narrowing the gap again to 2 points, 31-33.  Unfortunately for the Michigan side, those were the last points they'd score, and Flint wasn't nearly done.  A fit Michigan team was performing in a highly inefficient and disorderly manner; unable to commit to tackles and seemingly inept at forming a solid line on defense, they horrifyingly allowed tries at the 65th, 69th, 72nd, and 80th minutes.  Which is horrifying.  Flint with plenty of poise severely out-muscled Michigan in a very physical match, earning a 57-31 victory.  The Michigan club will be ruing this day for some time, having lost to the same club 13-49 back on 16 October.  Reached for comment, Aaron Dodd had this to say, "I gotta [sic] go find a candle", puzzling the press and supporters alike.

Player's Player: Sam Upton (David M. not present)
MVP: Andy Schwarzkopf

Tries: Mulhearn (2), Meisner, Upton, Seibert
Conv: Dodd (3)
Pen: -

Starting XV:

15 Andy Schwarzkopf
14 Tom Stulberg
13 Andy Dougovito
12 Sam Upton
11 Pete Mulhearn
10 Aaron Dodd
9 Karl Seibert (c)
8 David Meisner
7 Matt Daniel
6 Ted R Pixley
5 Ryan Davidson
4 Matt Forsyth
3 Brian Zimmer
2 Jeff Burke
1 Douglas Chapman


16 Dan Cameron (for Matt F., 56')
17 Naveen Aravapalli (for Brian Z., 65')
18 Ryan Rogel (for Jeff B., 55')
19 Craig Harrison

Photos courtesy of Douglas Chapman